C Static Libraries

Why use libraries?

How to create them

ar rc libutil.a util_file.o util_net.o util_math.o

ranlib libutil.a

How they work and How to use them

Example of creating a simple library in C


* FILE: suma.c

int suma(int n1, int n2){
return n1+n2;


* FILE: resta.c

int resta(int n1, int n2){
return n1-n2;
gcc -c suma.c
gcc -c resta.c
ar -cvr libcalculadora.a suma.o resta.o
/tmp/libcalculadora$ ar -t libcalculadora.a


* FILE: calculadora.h



int suma(int,int);
int resta(int,int);

* FILE: calculadora.c
#include "calculadora.h"

int main(int argc, const char *argv[]){
int (*ptr_fc)(int,int);
int n1 = atoi(*(argv+1));
int n2 = atoi(*(argv+3));
char op = *(*(argv+2));

case '+':
ptr_fc = suma;
case '-':
ptr_fc = resta;
printf("Opción incorrecta!!\n");}

printf(">>> %d %c %d = %d\n", n1, op, n2, (*ptr_fc)(n1,n2));
return 0;}
gcc calculadora.c -L/tmp/libcalculadora -lcalculadora




Developing in Holberton School

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Gonzalo Andres Tarazona Montenegro

Gonzalo Andres Tarazona Montenegro

Developing in Holberton School

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